Magic Bands are RFID devices that hold a variety of information for your Disney World vacation. They can hold your park tickets, resort room key, charge card at hotels and parks, magical express voucher, and photopass voucher.

Guests can also use their Magic Band+ to interact with the Fab 50 statues in Galaxy’s Edge. As you approach, your Magic Band will vibrate and turn green if you are closer or red if you’re further away.

Why do I get a random vibrate?

One of the coolest things about MagicBand+ is the ability to interact with Disney’s Fab 50 statues. You can get a response from them by waving your band near them. The band will vibrate and its colors will spin and glow white to let you know it recognizes the interaction. Then you simply wave it at the statue and some of them respond by talking or playing music. Sometimes it takes a couple of attempts to get the statues to react. Just be patient and try a different wave or walk away and come back. The interactions are pretty cool and worth the extra effort!

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I’m not in the park

When Disney first introduced Magic Bands they were full of bravado about the technology and how it would enhance the guest experience. In many ways they were right on target as the bands have become an integral part of the vacation. One of the most popular features are the interaction with Fab 50 statues. When the band gets near a statue it vibrates and it turns multiple colors, which lets you know that it’s time to wave at it. It can take a few tries to get the statue to react, but don’t give up — just keep waving! Try a bigger wave or even walk away and come back.

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My battery is low

If your MagicBand isn’t fully charged, it may be experiencing this issue. This can be caused by simply not charging your band for long enough, as well as the device not being close to a power source. If this is the case, try charging your band until it’s green to avoid any issues during your trip.

The most common reason for a MagicBand+ randomly vibrating is that it’s trying to interact with a statue or other feature. One of the major new features introduced with MagicBand+ is that the statues in Galaxy’s Edge now interact with guests via their MagicBand+. This interaction is triggered when the MagicBand+ vibrates and turns multiple colors to let you know that the statue is ready to react. You then wave your MagicBand+ at the statue and it will either talk to you or play music.

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While these interactions are incredibly fun, they can be a bit hit or miss. For example, the Fab 50 statues often take some time to respond to your wave. We’ve found that waving at them quickly, walking away and coming back, and even double-tapping your MagicBand+ sometimes all work to get the statue to react. If none of these tricks work, don’t worry – just give the statue a little more time and hopefully it will respond soon.