A little is a person who plays the role of someone younger than they are in a consensual age play dynamic. The ages they identify with can range from infants to teens.

Adding variety to your kinks is a great way to keep things fresh and interesting. This could involve new play methods, accessories or locations.


Daddy Dom, Little Girl is a kink that encompasses many different elements. It’s part domination and submission kink and part aesthetic, with pastel colors and doll-like accessories being common. It’s also erotic, which has made it controversial and led some people to accuse it of being pedophilia.

It’s important to note that DDLG is only ever practiced between consenting adults. It’s not a gateway to pedophilia or any other kind of incest, but rather a way for people to enjoy unique scenarios that make them happy. There are many different things that can go into a Daddy Dom, Little Girl dynamic, and it’s completely up to the participants what they want to do.


ABDL stands for Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers and is a fetish where adults roleplay as a baby, or little, and a daddy or mommy. The fetish may involve s*x but this isn’t always the case. ABDL fantasies are triggered by both physiological and psychological events such as enuresis or issues with sphincter control.

There are a lot of different fetishes within the ABDL community but most of them are age-play related, whether Daddy Dom/Little Girl or BB/Mommy. A submissive Little will often wear diapers, use pacifiers and accessories like collars. These fetishes are used to create a power dynamic between two partners. The little and the Big can switch roles as they see fit.

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Age play is a form of role-play where one partner assumes the mannerisms of someone younger than they are. It is often characterized by a Big/little dynamic and it can involve any gender or sexual orientation.

The Big takes on a nurturing or strict parental role while the Little acts as their child. While some people participate in ageplay as a way to explore their kinks, others do it to feel young again. Regardless of the motivation, all participants are consenting adults and ageplay does not condone paedophilia. Littles do not retail any of their childlike behaviour outside of their age playing session. They are simply a ‘little’ for the duration of their session.

Little Space

Little Space is a headspace that allows adults to explore their younger, cutesy, and playful sides. It’s a world where vulnerability is cherished and nurtured. It can be a regular occurrence for some, and a special realm for others.

It’s sometimes referred to as age regression or AgeRe, and it usually takes place when someone experiences a trauma. This can include anything from being talked to like a child to a sexual assault.

The person who regresses into little space is called a Little, and they can be accompanied by a Caregiver, who plays the parental role in the regressive fantasy. The Little can even use gear, such as pacifiers or stuffed animals, to add comfort and security to the scene.

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Little Girl

Little Girl is a type of BDSM dynamic that involves one partner playing the role of a younger version of themselves in a consensual age play relationship or scene. This type of roleplay can be sexual and non-sexual, and may include activities such as dressing/undressing, diapering, feeding, tea parties, and erotic foreplay.

Littles can range in age from infant to adolescent. They also identify with a specific gender and often wear collars to signal their role in the dynamic. While many Littles are bratty, moody, or indecisive, it is important to remember that their childlike behavior is not tied to their sexual arousal or motivation. They are simply reacting to their physical intimacy needs, like most adult bodies do.

Daddy Space

Daddy Dom/little girl (DDLG) is a popular kinky BDSM roleplay. During this type of play, the Daddy Dom is the caregiver and the Little is submissive and often bratty. Ageplay is usually a component of this kind of roleplay, but it isn’t always.

A Daddy Dom who wants to enter Little Space may use triggers like sucking on a pacifier or wearing ageplay clothes. She might also enjoy activities like playing with dolls or stuffies, having a tea party, or swimming. DDLG can also involve punishment which can be very fun and erotic foreplay. Some Daddy Doms like to do this with their partner all the time, while others prefer to activate it at set times.

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Polarity is an electric characteristic that describes how atoms in a molecule are distributed. It is created by the unequal sharing of partial charges between atoms in a covalent bond. This results in one end of the molecule having more electrons than the other, giving it negative polarity.

A misunderstanding about polarity is that it is linked to physical intimacy arousal and motivation. This is not true as a little’s personality traits and tendencies can have nothing to do with kink, BeDeeSeM, or sexual arousal. They are simply a natural part of their being. This is especially true in big/little dynamics where the little’s internal childlike characteristics are externalized during physical intimate moments.


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Some littles may slip into headspace during ageplay or kink activities. This state is different for each little and can be triggered by various things. It may cause them to talk in a higher pitch or with more of a lisp than usual. They are more needy and may require a lot of guidance and reassurance.