Many people who have a rigger kink enjoy exploring power dynamics through rope bondage. Also known as shibari, it’s an art form that allows both partners to express their intimacy and connection.

It requires open communication and consistent safety protocols to ensure a consensual, enjoyable experience. Both partners should discuss their boundaries, limits, and safe words before starting a scene.


Rigger kink is a form of BDSM that involves tying up or restraining a submissive partner. The person who ties up their partner is known as the rigger and takes on a dominant role. For many people, this kink is both physically and emotionally satisfying. It can also lead to an exploration of power dynamics and the experience of being bound.

The rigger may use a variety of techniques to restrain their partner, such as tying intricate rope knots or using slings. It is important for a rigger to consider their partner’s needs and desires before beginning the session. They should also be able to provide the necessary safety precautions for the scene to be enjoyable and consensual.

It is also essential for the rigger to establish a solid foundation of trust with their rope bunny. This is especially crucial if they are exploring kinks that involve emotional or physical pain. They must be able to communicate clearly and consistently about their desires, health concerns, and boundaries. In addition, they should check-in with their partner frequently to ensure that the scene is safe and fulfilling for both parties.

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Rigger kink is an intimate and intense form of BDSM. It involves a power exchange between two people who are willing to take risks in order to explore their fantasies and desires in a safe and controlled environment. The dom takes on the role of the rigger, tying and restraining the submissive (also known as a “rope bunny”). This can be sexually and emotionally arousing for both parties and can foster a deep sense of intimacy and connection between them.

While rigger kink can be dangerous, it can also be extremely satisfying for both partners. It’s important for both participants to have open communication and discuss their boundaries, emotions, and health concerns before engaging in this type of kink. In addition, both partners should check in with each other regularly during the scene to ensure their safety.

A person who practices rigger kink may use different types of rope and suspension techniques to bind themselves or others for functional, artistic, or educational purposes. They may also practice shibari or kinbaku for their own enjoyment or as a means of earning a living.


Rigger kink is a form of BDSM that involves the art of rope bondage. It draws inspiration from the ancient Japanese art of shibari, which focuses on tying and restrainting the human body. It can be an arousing experience, as it gives the binded person a sense of power and control.

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Rigster kink can be enjoyed alone or with a partner, and it can be used as a gateway to other kinks. It requires a high level of trust and communication between the rigger and their submissive. It also requires extensive knowledge of rope handling techniques and anatomy.

If you’re interested in trying a rigger scene, it’s best to do some research before making an impulsive decision. Rope bondage is a dangerous activity that can cause severe injury if not properly executed. Moreover, it is important to consider your partner’s desires and boundaries before beginning a scene. A skilled rigger will take the time to prepare their equipment and make sure that they are safe to begin. They will also ensure that their sex partner is comfortable and happy throughout the scene.


Rigger kink is an extremely popular BDSM subculture. The practice involves a powerful exchange of power that can foster deep connection and intimacy. It can also help individuals explore their own boundaries and desires.

A rigger is someone who enjoys tying up their partners using rope bondage, which can include chains, cuffs, spreader bars, and more. They may use the ties for sexual stimulation, performance art, or to help their partner relax and release tension. The rigger often trains to master different techniques for rope bondage, including the ability to create intricate patterns and knots.

Some riggers enjoy performing suspension rigs, where the Rope Bottom is hoisted above ground on long bamboo poles or wooden rings suspended from the ceiling. This can be very intense and require extensive training. The rigger must also have an understanding of the psychological and emotional aspects of rigging, as well as a firm grasp of the safety and risk management involved in this type of play. This includes ensuring that all participants are comfortable with the scene, and communicating openly about their desires and boundaries.

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Rigger kink is a highly emotional and sexually arousing experience for both partners. In the hands of a skilled rigger, rope bondage can become an art form that explores the fine line between power and vulnerability. It can be a vehicle for deep connection and trust, which is why it’s important to choose a partner with whom you can communicate openly about your boundaries and fantasies.

It is also important to use proper safety protocols, such as establishing multiple safe words and gestures. This will help ensure that your kink play is enjoyable and consensual, no matter how intense or painful it might be. It is also essential to have high-quality, durable rope that will not cut into the skin or break easily.

A skilled rigger will be able to create a variety of bondage arrangements, from simple to complex, and will be able to customize the experience for their partner. This will include adjusting the height of the ropes to match the submissive’s needs, as well as incorporating other sensual elements like paddling and flogging.