Women have long been shamed for having sex during their periods, and there are still many myths about it. However, when done with intention and respect, having sex on your period can be a positive spiritual experience.

Plus, it can also be incredibly pleasureful. And, it can even be less messy if you use a towel and positions that work with gravity like missionary.

It Facilitates Access to Higher States of Consciousness

Menstruation is a sacred time in many cultures, revered for its fertility and femininity. Sexual intimacy during this time can be deeply fulfilling, facilitating emotional and energetic cleansing and renewal, opening the heart chakra, and connecting to the divine feminine.

This is why it’s important to honor your own needs and how you feel during this time of the month. For example, some women may find themselves drained or tired during their periods and not feeling very turned on for sex, which is totally fine. You can still practice safe sex by using a condom, or even just anointing yourself with your own blood (using a menstrual cup like the ergonomic Fun Cup will help make this safer).

If you do decide to have sex during your period, remember to set an intention. This can be a simple, loving act of self-care, or you can get creative and focus on manifesting something specific that you want to bring into your life, whether it’s physical health, abundance, love, or anything in between. You can do this alone, or with a partner, and just make sure that whatever you choose is in alignment with your own beliefs.

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Traditionally, women’s own blood was used in magic spells to bring about healing and prosperity. If you’re interested in exploring this, you can use your own menstrual blood to anoint yourself, create a sigil for self-love, write or paint with it, and do any other magical work that calls to you.

It Promotes Emotional Healing and Energetic Release

The energy of menstruation is often viewed as a time of purification and renewal. Sexual intimacy during this time can amplify and accelerate this process, allowing the body to release emotional and energetic blockages that have been stored within it. This can be a deeply healing experience for both partners, and it can help them to cultivate a deeper understanding of and respect for the feminine aspect of spirituality.

Many women feel apprehensive about having sex on their period because of the false belief that it is dirty or dangerous, but this is untrue. Having sex on your period can actually be very pleasurable, and it can even lead to more intense orgasms due to the fact that menstrual blood contains a lot of oxytocin, which is a natural lubricant.

However, it is important to note that if you are not using protection during sex on your period, it is possible to get pregnant. Therefore, it is important to be clear about your intentions and communicate with your partner clearly about what you both want from the experience. If you are unsure about having sex on your period, it is always best to practice in the shower or bathtub first so that you can rinse off any blood quickly. This can make you more comfortable and can also minimize the amount of mess that needs to be cleaned up afterwards.

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It Deepens the Spiritual Connection Between Partners

Many women have a strong urge for sex during their periods. As a result, there are many different beliefs around having sexual intercourse while bleeding. Some people believe that menstrual blood is dirty and unclean, thus making it unsafe for sex. Others believe that it’s okay to have sex during your period as long as you use protection and avoid penetration. The truth is that it’s safe to have sex during your period, and it can actually deepen the spiritual connection between partners.

This is due to the fact that sex on your period can trigger orgasms and enhance sexual pleasure. In addition, the blood can act as a natural lubricant and increase sensations. It also helps to reduce cramps and bloating. Furthermore, the sex can help to shorten your period as it can cause the walls of your uterus to contract, which in turn may accelerate the flow of blood.

For these reasons, it’s important to prioritize communication and consent during sexual intercourse on your period. If you’re interested in trying out the magic of period sex, set an intention and let your partner know what it is so that you can manifest what you want to happen during the session. It’s also a great idea to experiment with positions as they can change throughout the cycle.

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It Promotes Self-Discipline

Many women have a high urge for sexual activity when they are menstruating. This can lead to many different beliefs and interpretations of the act of having sex on your period. Some believe that it is unclean or impure to have sex while on your period while others believe that it’s natural and normal for women to want to engage in sexual activity when they are bleeding.

Regardless of the beliefs and perceptions surrounding menstrual sexuality, it is important to understand that engaging in these acts is completely safe. Many people experience a heightened libido around the time of ovulation, and the blood in the vaginal canal acts as a natural lubricant. In addition, having an orgasm can actually ease period pain by triggering the release of endorphins. Moreover, research has shown that the muscle contractions during an orgasm can also help to shorten periods by pushing out the uterus contents faster.

However, despite all of these perks, many people still feel uncomfortable or worried about having sex on their period. The biggest issue is that it can get messy, especially if you have a heavy flow. This can make some people nervous and take the fun out of sex. To reduce the mess, some people recommend putting towels on the bed or mattress and using a menstrual cup (e.g., the ergonomic Fun Cup) for added safety and comfort. Additionally, some people suggest doing sex in the shower to avoid getting blood on yourself and your partner.