At only 24 years old, Mia Kay is reaching new heights in her career as an adult VR entertainment star. Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Mia raised a lot of eyebrows when, at the age of 22, she decided to make adult VR films her career. After hustling hard over the past two years, Mia is now a household name in the adult entertainment industry. With over 86k Instagram followers, Mia is quickly becoming one of the most recognizable adult stars in the world.

Early Life & Marital Status

Mia grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, and married her high school boyfriend in February 2011. After separating in 2014 and eventually divorcing in 2016, Mia married Robert Sandberg, a professional chef, in 2019. However, the two separated in 2020 and Mia is now in a relationship with Puerto Rican rapper Jhayco.

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Making a Statement with Tattoos

Mia Kay VR – SwallowBay has tattoos of the opening line of the National Anthem of Lebanon and the Lebanese Forces Cross. She got the latter after the October 2012 Beirut bombing, with the purpose of showing her father’s political views. Despite this, Mia’s tattoos have faced criticism from her detractors. Moreover, her parents released a statement in 2015 disassociating themselves from her actions and condemning her decision to enter the porn industry.

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How VR Films Have Changed the Industry

Mia’s work in adult VR porn Videos has made her a household name in the industry. With her captivating performances, Mia has helped to make VR films more popular among viewers and producers. They are more visually immersive and play a key role in the growth of the adult entertainment industry.

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The Future of Mia Kay

Mia Kay is forging a successful career in adult entertainment and has no plans of slowing down anytime soon. With her performances providing an immersive experience for adult viewers, Mia looks set to continue being a major force in the curvy VR porn industry.