A petite bullet-shaped vibe with serious power, this toy is easy to wield and surprisingly intense. While most people will masturbate with a bullet by taking the tip against their clitoris, Sammi recommends holding it horizontally for distributed vibrations over a broader area.

Remember to use a body-safe lubricant for play with this toy. It will enhance the sensation and help prevent any discomfort or irritation.

How to Use

A bullet vibrator is a fantastic toy for solo play or sex with a partner. It’s non-representational and doesn’t require penetration, making it a great choice for newbies or those with sensitive clitorises. Bullet vibes are also very versatile, able to stimulate the nipples, glans, shaft of the penis and or testicles, perineum and more.

Most people will masturbate with a bullet by holding the tip against their sensitive spots, but Sammi recommends playing around with different positions to find what feels best. “Holding the vibe horizontally on your vulva can deliver sensation to a wider area and can be very pleasurable,” she says.

The power of a bullet is in the vibrations, so experiment with speed and patterns to discover how you like it most. Some people love a gentle rumble, others enjoy more intensity and alternative vibration patterns.

When using your bullet, be sure to do so in a safe and secure space where you’re comfortable and confident. Lock the door, light a candle or turn on some sexy music to create a mood that’s right for you. It’s also a good idea to use a water-based lubricant that won’t irritate the skin and can be easily rinsed off afterward, such as Good Clean Love. Taking care of your toy will help keep it in top condition for longer.

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Getting Started

A bullet vibe is a great choice if you’re dipping your toes into the world of vibrators for the first time. They’re small, discreet and easy to use – making them perfect for beginners who want to ease into the sensations of vibration.

Often just the length of your index finger, bullet vibes can provide stimulation to many different sensitive areas on the body. While most people use them on their clitoris and outer vagina, Sammi Stewart points out that they can also be used to tease other erogenous zones, like the nipples and vulva.

When starting out, she recommends experimenting with the speed (intensity) and pattern options that your toy comes equipped with. Having a wide variety of options means that you can find the combination that feels right for your pleasure zone, explains the pro.

You should also try holding the toy horizontally – this will provide stimulation across a larger surface area, diffuses some of the power and creates a teasing feeling. It can be fun to use a bullet vibrator in this way on your partner during sex or just for pleasure.

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Finally, she advises keeping your toy clean and storing it safely. Keeping it away from curious kids and pets will keep it looking and feeling its best for longer. Also, remember to always keep a sex toy charged and lubricated – this will help the vibrations travel further, smoother and faster for more intense pleasure.

Using Lube

Using lube with your bullet is an easy way to enhance your pleasure. Try a water-based lube that won’t dry out, and experiment with different types of lubricants until you find the one that feels best. Some people prefer the slippery glide of a silicone lube while others love the silky feel of a natural lubricant.

You can use a bullet on its own, or with other toys like butt plugs and cock rings for added stimulation and sensation. A single bullet can be used for clitoral stimulation, nipple stimulation, and a variety of other pleasure zones. You can also attach it to a dildo for external use and enjoy the teasing sensations of backdoor play.

Many people prefer to lick the tip of a bullet for some extra sensation, while others like to tease themselves with a slow buildup to orgasm as they lightly tap the tip against their clitoris and nipples. You can also try tracing the tip of a bullet over the outer vagina and vulva for additional stimulation, or incorporating it into penetrative play with a partner.

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Remember that a bullet isn’t designed for insertion (unless it’s made with a flared base and has been designed for anal play). You should never insert a small vibe into your urethra, even if you’re feeling excited or aroused.


Whether you’re using your bullet solo or with a partner, don’t be afraid to explore. Start at the lowest settings and move up, and try stroking it over other areas of your body to see how they feel. Bullets are great for clit stimulation, but they can also be a pleasure tool for the nipples, perineum, and vulva.

Having a few different modes and speeds on your bullet can help you find the perfect combination of sensations to give you orgasms. For some people, a simple rumble can be plenty, while others like more power and alternative vibration patterns. Many bullet vibes come with a handful of settings, but some have more than a dozen. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when you use the same settings regularly, so take some time to try out all the possibilities.

Another way to spice up your play is to place the bullet horizontally instead of vertically. This spreads the vibrations to a larger area, which can be incredibly satisfying. It’s also good if you have sensitive genitals or aren’t keen on pin-pointed sensations. It’s a little trick that can unlock a whole new world of orgasms for you and your vibe.