No matter your size, sex is a wonderful thing. And although it can be tricky to figure out the best positions if you’re plus-size, there are plenty of options that will feel good no matter what your body shape is.

One of the best positions for fat sex is a modified missionary position. It allows for deeper penetration without interference from a larger belly.

1. Don’t be afraid to laugh.

Laughing during sex is not only fun, it actually has health benefits. Laughing releases tension and increases oxygen flow to your brain, making you feel more alive during the experience. And if you laugh with your partner, it can make them feel more confident and comfortable. But don’t use laughing to tease your partner. This will only make them feel like you’re only interested in a part of them, or that you’re joking about their body size in order to be more “woke.”

Some people assume that fat women are more wilder than skinny ones in bed. While some may be, it really depends on the individual. Some women prefer to be touched all over, including their stomachs, while others are more focused on arousal in other ways. Regardless of their preferences, all women deserve to be treated with respect and care during sex.

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As far as sex positions go, there are a few that work well for plus-sized individuals. One is the traditional Missionary position, where the receiver lays on their back while the giver lies on top and enters. Propping up the receiver’s hips with pillows can help them get into this position and allows for deeper penetration as well as stimulating the g-spot and p-spot. Lastly, for oral sex, some obese men find that using a vibrating cock ring works well on their large lips.

2. Don’t be afraid to dick.

Just because you’re fat doesn’t mean you don’t have a nice cock, and it certainly shouldn’t stop you from going for it! Whether you’re the giver or the receiver, fat guy sex can be absolutely delicious and, as with any sexual experience, it’s important to discuss consent, protection, birth control, and boundaries beforehand.

In terms of sex positions, many fat people find that the cowgirl position works wonders. In this position, the giver is lying on their back and the receiver straddles them, allowing the giver to enter from the rear. This is great for achieving deep penetration and stimulating the g-spot and p-spot, as well as providing extra comfort for the receiver (who can prop themselves up on pillows or spread their butt cheeks).

But that’s not to say that all of these positions will work for everyone. Everybody’s body is different, and it’s a good idea to experiment with different techniques to see what feels best for you and your partner. And remember, no matter what size you are, sex is always fun! Just don’t forget to wear clean underwear and make sure you’re both wearing lube.

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3. Don’t be afraid to ask for sex.

Being overweight shouldn’t prevent you from having a fulfilling sexual experience. It’s just a matter of finding the right positions that work for you. Experiment with different positions, and always be sure to communicate with your partner to make sure you’re comfortable.

The traditional missionary position is a great option for plus-size people. It involves the receiver lying on their back, while the giver lies on top and enters. For extra comfort, the receiver can place a pillow or two under their hips to lift their tummy flesh and help them achieve deeper penetration.

Another great position for fat people is the cowgirl. This position involves the receiver riding on their partner while they’re being penetrated. It’s a great position for obese couples because it allows them to change the pace of penetration at will.

Lastly, the doggie-style position is a great option for fat people who want to have a more intimate experience. This position is achieved by the receiver getting on their hands and knees, while the giver kneels behind them to enter. To make this position even more intimate, the receiver can place a pillow or soft teddy bear under their butt cheeks to keep their tummy from pressing against the bed too hard.

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4. Don’t be afraid to ask for a hug.

Fat guys can be just as sexy as skinny guys, but they also sometimes struggle with finding sex positions that work well for them. Thankfully, there are lots of ways for them to overcome this challenge and feel empowered during sex.

For example, the traditional missionary position is a great position for any body type and size. This position has the receiver laying on their back while the giver lays on top of them and enters. For plus-size people, adding a couple of pillows under their hips can help their tummy flesh drop down more easily and allow for more penetration. Another hot sex position for overweight people is the cowgirl position, which involves the receiver straddling their hips while the giver enters.

Finally, if a guy wants to hug during sex, don’t be afraid to say “Yes, please!” Just make sure that you have some good water-based lubrication in case things start getting rough. Hugging a guy who can hold your whole body while you rest your head on his chest is like falling into that squishy beanbag mom always wanted to get you, but didn’t.

Overall, fat sex is just as wonderful, amazing, and mind-blowing as any other sex. Just make sure to pick a partner who is respectful and enthusiastic, and always discuss consent, protection, and birth control before making a move.