A lot of people fantasize about having sex on the beach. After all, Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr made it look so romantic in From Here to Eternity!

However, sex on the beach requires some advance planning. You need to make sure sand doesn’t get anywhere (lubrication is key!), and that you’re not interrupted by passersby.

Make Sure You’re Prepared

One of the biggest things that can go wrong during sex on the beach is getting sand in your vagina. This can be painful and itchy, as well as a breeding ground for bacteria, yeast or other infections. If you notice any symptoms of a possible infection, see your doctor right away.

It’s also important to have the right kind of lubrication. This is because the salt in the seawater can wash away normal or applied lubrication, leading to discomfort and, in some cases, even irritation or infection. Having a bottle of extra-strength lubricant with you is always a good idea, as is having a towel or blanket to wrap yourself in.

You should also have a safe place to rinse off afterward. This is because sand and salt will not only get everywhere when you’re done having sex, but they will also stay in your system for a long time. Urinating is the best way to clear your body of these substances, so make sure to do so after you’re finished.

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Finally, you should be prepared for other people to walk by while you’re having sex. Whether they’re just looking at the beautiful sunset or trying to enjoy some peace and quiet, it’s a reality that you should be aware of. If you want to avoid this, then you’ll want to do your sex on the beach at night when there are fewer people around.

Get There Early

There’s something about a beach that’s just a big turn on for people. It evokes feelings of youth, summer and, dare we say it, reckless spontaneity. While spontaneous romps on the beach may sound fun, they’re rarely a good idea and could lead to a whole host of problems (think sand in your vagina or butt for starters).

If you want to have sex at the beach, try to go during nighttime if possible. This will give you some extra privacy and there’s less chance of someone noticing you (especially if you’re using a blanket to cover yourself). However, if you can’t go at night, try to find a stretch of beach that’s secluded and away from the footpaths so nobody can wander past you accidentally.

You’ll also want to make sure you bring a large enough towel or blanket to lay on for all of your intercourse. A small one won’t be enough to prevent sand getting into your intimate areas and this can cause a lot of pain, itching and possibly even an infection. The last thing you want on your sexy beach trip is a trip to the doctor! …

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Don’t Get Sand In Your Genitals

The idea of sex on the beach is very romantic, and it’s no wonder it’s inspired a song, a drink, and a few steamy movie scenes. But the reality is a bit more complicated.

For one thing, sand is extremely itchy and annoying when it gets in your private parts. And that’s something you don’t want to experience during your beach sex.

To avoid this, you can try a few different positions to keep the sand away from your genitals. Doggystyle sex is one of the best ones for this, as it keeps your crotch up in the air and away from the sand. You can also try a riding-on-top position or cowgirl style, depending on your comfort level and where the beach is located (some beaches have rocks nearby, which might make it more difficult to do these positions).

Another way to prevent sand in your private parts is to bring lubricant. And be sure to use a silicone-based lubricant, as it’s less likely to wash off in the water. Also, it’s a good idea to bring a few wet wipes for afterwards, to clean up any messes and remove any sand from your intimate areas before you go home. You might also want to put a condom in your pocket to keep in your beach bag, just in case.

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Have Fun!

In your romantic fantasies, you’re making sweet love under the stars on a soft beach while the waves gently crash against the shore. In reality, you’re trying to avoid roving flashlight beams while picking sand out of places you never knew existed.

The biggest problem with sex on the beach is the sand, which isn’t just distracting but also really gross. It’s full of grit, salt, marine life, and other things that will either 1) make you itch or 2) get all up in your business (literally). And if you don’t have a blanket, it’ll end up all over you.

Luckily, there are ways to minimize this issue. First, if you can, try to go during the night so you don’t run into people walking by on their twilight stroll. Also, look for a spot that’s hidden behind rocks or dunes so you’re not visible to everyone else.

Another way to minimize the sand problem is to have one of you standing during intercourse, which will help keep it sanitary. Also, don’t forget the lube! There are all kinds of positions you can try, too. For example, if you’re close enough to the water, you can try spooning or reverse cowgirl, which will make it look like you’re cuddling but hide your X-rated action from prying eyes.