There are a few key things to keep in mind when it comes to shower sex. First, make sure you and your partner are both on the same page about the idea of shower sex (or at least that they’re aware it’s an option).

Also, be sure to have quality lube on hand – preferably silicone or oil-based, since water-based can wash away too quickly.

Leg Up

Like pool sex and Timothee Chalamet, shower sex can sound sexy in theory but — more often than not — can be a bit disappointing or even dangerous in practice. It’s wet and slippery, cramped, and, let’s be honest, the showerhead can only do so much. Luckily, experts have some tricks for shower-based intimacy that’ll actually feel good.

For a more penetrative experience, ask your partner to stand against the wall, straddle them, and penetrate up their leg (you can also have them hold your hand in the crook of their elbow to make it easier on you). This position is great for anal and vaginal penetration, as well as nipple play and stimulating the G-spot.

Leaning back against the shower wall or bench and wrapping one leg around their waist is another great way to stimulate your erogenous zones in this intimate setting. “With your legs secured in this position, it’s possible to have a lot of fun with penetration, fingering, or using a waterproof vibrator,” Lovehoney sex and relationship expert Megan Fleming tells SELF.

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For a variation on this position, try sitting on the floor or in a chair instead of standing to give yourself more support. And remember to use a nonslip mat on the floor of your shower if you’re doing any standing positions, as this will add friction and make it harder to slip, says Dr. Miriam Greene, an ob-gyn at NYU Langone Health. A textured bath mat works even better, as it will stick to the floor and add more grip.

Bedside Doggy

Having sex in the shower can feel like such a fantasy. Movies and TV shows paint it as this super sexy, picture-perfect act of lovemaking. But in reality, it can be a bit more complicated than that. The wet floor, limited space, and slippery surfaces can quickly turn your romantic moment into a messy, dangerous mess.

If you want to avoid a shower disaster, it’s best to stick with standby positions that are safe to hold in wet conditions and can help keep you stable. This includes the popular doggy position. With this position, one partner bends over and rests their back against the wall while the other wraps both arms around them for support. From here, the partner closest to the wall can penetrate, touch, use a waterproof vibrator—whatever feels good.

The shower is also great for oral sex and exploring each other’s erogenous zones. Kneeling oral is a classic, but you can switch things up by raising one leg and using the shower head to hit your partner on their tits or anal. You can also get creative with the shower head and nozzles to explore temperature play sensations, as well.

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Just remember to always communicate with your partner about what feels good and doesn’t. And don’t overdo it — shower sex can lead to sore muscles and even a trip to the emergency room if you push yourself too hard or try a position that’s not safe for you.

Bedside Cowgirl

The bedside cowgirl position is another variation on the doggy sex position. One partner stands in the shower, leaning forward and holding on to the wall or tub (or a handle if you have a good one). The other partner enters from behind with a penis, fingers, or sex toy. It can be even more sexy to use a vibrator in this position, and water-resistant toys are totally fair game for shower sex.

For this position, you might want to bring a pillow into the shower for support. You may also want to consider a shower stool if your bathroom is large enough to fit one in. This position requires less floor space, so it’s a good choice for smaller showers.

If you’re feeling a little adventurous, try this position with or without a pillow. Have the penetrating partner stand in the shower, leaning back against the wall if possible. The receiver can sit astride them, with their face toward theirs for a more intimate experience. The giver can then touch, caress, and pleasure their clitoris and other erogenous zones while they penetrate. This is an excellent position for oral sex and is also great for climax. For added excitement, have your partner lick and moan as they penetrate you. It’s also a great position for using water to add a new sensation during foreplay and penetration.

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Shower Exhibition

Shower sex can be intense and satisfying, whether you’re exploring penetrative sex positions or nipple and clitoris play. It’s also ideal for oral sex, so don’t be afraid to lift your head to take a lick. Using this sex position in the shower can feel even more intimate than doing it in bed because your lover will be able to control the intensity and depth of penetration and rhythm, too.

If you’re feeling a little more daring, try the Wheelbarrow sex position in the shower. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and then plant your hands firmly on the floor. Have your penetrating partner stand in front of you and then straddle them, bringing their body up around yours as they thrust. If you can, have them rest their knee on a shower bench or tub edge for additional support to really hit all the right spots.

Remember to use a long-lasting silicone or oil-based lube in the shower for the most sensual experience. Water-based lubes will wash off too easily and can be dangerous in this wet environment. You should also make sure to have a nonslip mat within the shower for any thrusting and possibly one outside the tub to help soak up extra wetness when exiting. It’s also a good idea to discuss sex positions and any other sexual preferences with your lover before you jump in the tub together so everyone feels comfortable.