IMVU is the biggest avatar chatting platform on the web. It has been around for years. It has a strict policy about clothing but some revealing outfits and mature content can be found in the black market.

Parents worry that their kids will be talking to strangers with bad intent. But there are people who have nothing but good intentions, like in real life.

1. Get an Access Pass

There’s no need to limit your sexual fantasies just because you’re an adult — IMVU has a solution that lets you explore them in a hot (but totally safe) way. The site’s Access Pass, or AP, is designed to connect adults in an exclusive adults-only world that’s fully integrated with the regular IMVU website.

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AP is restricted to users who are 18 or older and allows them to see items in IMVU’s catalog that have been rated “AP” or “Mature,” including but not limited to nudity, alcohol and tobacco use, profanity, mild violence and sexual themes. In addition, AP holders can also join AP-only chat rooms and forums and purchase AP-only avatar clothing and accessories such as sexy lingerie or naked body parts for their virtual avatars.

That doesn’t mean that everything in AP is erotic, however. Public AP rooms tend to be GA worthy, with some being a little more lewd than others. Moreover, while IMVU’s AP side does allow nudity and some erotic poses and dances, it doesn’t allow sexual actions or overly detailed or aroused genitalia because those are considered Unsuitable for IMVU (UFI) under the site’s Virtual Goods Rating Policy. UFI content is hidden from the AP side and catalog but can still be found in a black market if you’re savvy enough to hunt it out.

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2. Make a Room

IMVU is a virtual world where you can create your own rooms, furniture and avatars. It is one of the most popular online chat sites and offers a variety of features including sex, adult content and virtual reality. Although IMVU removed the ability to have sex in their avatars long ago, they have kept some adult content and can still sell you anatomically correct body parts and other erotic animations. Make sure to keep your room private as if you make it public IMVU will take away your furniture.

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3. Start Talking

Talking is an important part of IMVU. It allows you to express yourself, to feel what your partner feels and to build up to a climax. It can be done in many ways, but it’s important that you be open and share the intensity of your emotions with your partner. You can also escalate the conversation to sexual topics and use quality sexual animations to really push your partner to a climax. Keep in mind that making your room public takes away the ability to do this.