In Cyberpunk 2077 you can have sex with prostitutes in exchange for a fee. These sex workers can be found throughout Night City, especially in Jig-Jig Street and the Kabuki area.

There are four main romanceable characters in Cyberpunk 2077. You can romance them all if you want to, but there are also opportunities for one-off flings or stable relationships.

1. Go to Night City

There are four romance options in Cyberpunk 2077, and while you can’t romance them all during a single playthrough – depending on the gender of your V character – it is possible to have more than one or two one-night stands. Most of these, such as the ones with Judy Alvarez and Panam Palmer, are well-written and feel natural.

Judy is a Braindance expert who you meet fairly early on during the main story quest The Information. You can romance her if your character meets the required requirements, including her body type and voice. She’ll then be available for a romantic encounter whenever you want, though her first one will be at the end of the Pisces side job in Act 2.

The 1.5 update added some quality-of-life improvements to the game’s various romances, which include some nice incidental scenes and the option to enable a nudity censor (though this can be toned down in the settings). It also introduces some sexy new Joytoys that you can interact with. For a nominal fee, you can spend some time with them and have a fully animated sex scene in the game’s first-person perspective.

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There’s also a one-night stand with Meredith Stout, whom you meet during the Side Job The Pickup and can continue to romance her afterward. The same goes for Rogue Amendiares, whom you’ll get to know during Johnny Silverhand’s memories and who will join you for the assault on Arasaka headquarters.

2. Check out Jig-Jig Street

If the pretty overt advertising peddling sex seen on almost every street corner is any indication, sex sells in cyberpunk. Thankfully, CD Projekt Red has players covered with plenty of options for hookups and full-fledged relationships.

The most obvious option is to go to Jig-Jig Street, Night City’s version of a red light district. Here you’ll find sex workers (indicated by a kissing lips icon on the map) who are happy to spend the night with you for a nominal fee, usually around 100 eddies depending on the worker and their level of satisfaction.

Those who want to take things even further can head to the Japanese district of Japantown, where a high-class Joytoy club is located. Here, a female and male Joytoy await you, willing to spend the night with you for a price.

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If you’re looking for a somewhat more meaningful relationship, there are four romanceable characters in the game. The first is Judy, the braindance expert you’ll meet early on in the game. The other three are Panam, River, and Kerry. All of them are available to both male and female Vs, although you won’t be able to romance all four in the same playthrough.

3. Go to the Kabuki area

In addition to a variety of clubs and night spots, you’ll also find an abundance of gang hangouts and the usual sex toys. These are typically found in gang hideouts, but you can also find dildos around the city. The Kabuki area is home to a large number of these.

If you’re looking for a one-night stand, there are two sex workers in the city who will provide sex in exchange for a fee. You can find these by searching the map for a “Kissing Lips” icon. These two sex workers are located in Japantown. They are male and female, and the price of sex is 3000 Eurodollars.

Rogue and Alt Cunningham

In Cyberpunk 2077, you’ll have the option to romance both Rogue and Alt Cunningham. These romances are tied to the main story quests Chippin’ In and Ghost Town. In order to romance either of them, you’ll need to meet the requirements for the respective side job.

Meredith Stout

There’s a chance to romance Corpo executive Meredith Stout early on, during the Main Job The Pickup. Providing you’ve completed the required steps as far as dealing with Maelstrom and accepting her chip, she will call you and invite you to a motel later on. If you choose to romance her, you’ll be able to do a one-night stand with her.

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4. Go to a brothel

The city of Night City is full of neon lights, fast cars, and hot people. If you are looking to get down and dirty with the night life of the city, you’ll need to go to a brothel. You can find them all over the map, but you’ll need to have some cash before heading in. Thankfully, there are plenty of sex workers around that you can hire for a small fee. They will perform a 30-second montage of moaning and ruffled bedsheets for you in return. They also have a privacy function, so you won’t risk losing all of your hard earned data.

If you’re not interested in paying for sex, there are a few other sexual encounters in the game. Most of these involve romances with characters that are considered companions to V. These relationships are more significant and offer an experience that is more fulfilling than a one-night stand with a Joytoy. The game has four major romance options, with two male and two female companions.

You can romance Panam with a male, Judy with a female, River with a male, or Kerry with a female. These relationships will have implications for the endgame, and will take a fair amount of work to reach. These romances will also require a good chunk of money.