There are many positions that are “fat-friendly.” While some positions might not work for everyone, it’s important to experiment and find what works for you.

The main thing to remember is that fat sex is just like any sex. It’s awesome, mind-blowing and fun! So don’t let the media make you believe that only skinny people can have sex.


Whether you’re fat or skinny, sex is about two people enjoying each other. That being said, some positions are more suited for certain body sizes, and you should definitely experiment with different ones to see what feels best for you and your partner. But no matter your size, there are sex positions that can help you get more comfortable while giving your man maximum pleasure.

One of the most popular sex positions for plus-size women is cowgirl. This involves straddling your penetrating partner while they penetrate you, and it allows you to change the pace as needed – This section is the product of the website’s editorial analysis You can also use this position to explore other areas of your body, including your G-spot. For more fun, try the reverse cowgirl. It’s similar to the original but you turn around so your legs are over his shoulders. It’s perfect for arousal and can even delay his climax!

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If you want to increase the intensity, place a chair or another surface on which you can sit in front of. Then, put a pillow or two under your stomach to lift your hips and make it harder for him to reach your anus. This may also help him feel more secure, and it gives you some extra space to reach deep inside your vagina. For added pleasure, you can lean your head back and gaze into his eyes as he thrusts.


When it comes to having sex, fat people have more options than you might think. Of course, it’s important to pick a partner who is respectful and enthusiastic about your bigger body, and to always talk about consent, protection and birth control. But once you find a sex partner who is ready to go all in, you can experiment with different positions that make you feel great.

The doggie-style position is one of the best fat sex positions for overweight couples. In this position, the receiver gets on her hands and knees and lets the giver come in from behind for deep penetration that stimulates the erogenous zones. This position also works well for couples who want to do oral or anal sex, or use a dildo or penis extender.

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If the doggy-style position isn’t comfortable for you or your partner, try a sideways crunched turtle position. It’s similar to a spooning position, but it’s easier for some obese people to enter than doggy-style since the offsetting angle makes it less likely to interfere with any fullness in the belly or butt.

Fifth Position

Fat people can have sex just like anyone else, and it’s important to avoid making assumptions about their sexual ability. The key to having a fulfilling sexual experience is open communication with a partner and an attitude of exploration. Experimenting with different positions will help couples discover what feels good and what doesn’t.

There are some positions that may be more difficult for plus-size partners to perform. Rolls of fat can inhibit flexibility or act as physical barriers in some positions, but this is not universal. Additionally, some people have injuries or medical conditions that prevent them from enjoying certain sex positions.

One of the best sex positions for plus-size lovers is the doggie-style position. The receiver lies on their back and the giver kneels behind them to enter. This positioning allows for deeper penetration and provides a more pleasurable sensation to the anus and vagina.

Other sex positions that are easy for plus-size lovers to perform include the tabletop position and the butterfly position. These positions allow the receiver to use sex toys and provide an extra level of excitement during foreplay. Plus-size couples can also add a touch of luxury to their sessions by using props. These can be anything from a pillow to a rolled up towel, and they can be placed anywhere on the body for support or comfort.

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Traditional Missionary

The missionary position is the traditional way to do sex in a straight coupling. It’s a man on top and penetrating a woman on bottom. While it’s usually associated with straight couples, anyone can use it to have fun and connect.

It can be hard to get the momentum going with this position, but it’s still a good option if you don’t feel up to doggy. It can also be used to help a plus-size receiver feel more comfortable by placing a pillow or two under their hips to let the tummy flesh fall back and make access to their genitals easier.

While keeping your legs in the air in this position can get tiring, it’s a great way to encourage deeper penetration for plus-size partners. You can also wrap your legs around your partner like in the drill position to make it more romantic. Adding a pillow or two under the receiver’s butt cheeks can make it easier for him to come from behind, as well. The more he goes down, the harder your clitoris can be stimulated to give you scream-worthy orgasms.